What is DARPA and How the COVID Vaccine Really Looks Like According to Dr. Carrie Madej


Many experts inform the public why COVID vaccine is not a good idea and not necessary. It is not necessary for two reasons: first, is that there has been no solid objective proof yet that the so-called viruses they identify on the test really cause the disease, including the previous ones such as HIV, measles, H1N1, MERS, and others. Second, if COVID really exists, that it is really causing these symptoms and maladies, there is still no justification for vaccine because its actual mortality rate, which the mainstream media wouldn’t dare show because they are totally controlled by the big pharma themselves, is just less than 0.1 percent.    

The COVID vaccine is, according to them, still being developed right now by the none other than the biggest names in pharmaceutical industrial complex. And to keep this industry functioning smooth on its real purpose, it needs the tentacles of pseudo-philanthropic organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and other dummy so-called non-profit foundations to help facilitate both efficiency (not efficacy and safety, take note) and, obviously, profit. However, if you dig deeper into the background of these giants, you will find out some dark truth; that some of these companies are connected to the Nazis and the eugenics campaigners. What’s more interesting is that the military industrial complex is also involved in producing the COVID vaccine, including of course the US Department of Defense and even Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA.

According to their website, “DARPA has four current programs actively engaged in developing safe and efficacious treatments for COVID-19”. However, many people are raising concern right now about DARPA’s aggressive drive, again, together with the BMGF, in dominating the research for “gene drive” technology. According to Dr. Carrie Madej, a medical doctor, “…by using genetic mutations, by use of transfection, for instance, you can exterminate an entire species from the planet. They are proposing to use this for mosquitoes, for instance, in Africa”.

In addition, DARPA also wrote on its website:

“P3 focuses on rapid discovery, characterization, production, testing, and delivery of efficacious DNA- and RNA-encoded medical countermeasures against infectious disease, a foundational technology pioneered by DARPA under the Autonomous Diagnostics to Enable Prevention and Therapeutics (ADEPT) program that provides the body with instructions on how to immediately begin producing protective antibodies against a given threat. Just two years into a four-year program, P3 has performers at Abcellera Biologics, AstraZeneca, Duke University and Vanderbilt University, all of whom have been able to quickly pivot to rapidly identify antibodies for COVID-19 in less than 90-days. This process traditionally takes several years to complete.”

If you don’t stop questioning and always use critical thinking skills, it might be normal for you to consider this as unbelievable, frightening or horrific and even sometimes traumatic; knowing that some of the richest people in the world are very evil entities, those who don’t feel remorse, empathy, and compassion and yet they are the ones running this kind of “show”? And what about the records of these companies? For example, just less than two weeks ago, AstraZeneca gained headlines after the company paused its COVID vaccine trial. It was reported that shares in AstraZeneca fell after the company said it has paused its trial on vaccine following “an unexplained illness” on its trial volunteers.

Could it be that because their vaccines are really toxic? Or is the administering really correct? To learn more about DARPA and the coming COVID vaccine, here are some of the important words stated by Dr. Carrie Madej from her recent podcast entitled “Human 2.0”:

“The next part of the delivery system is a luciferase enzyme, OK? They named it. They patented “luciferase” (I don’t like that name) … luciferase, because it has bioluminescent qualities, which means that it can produce a light, or it has a light source. And all of this would be under your skin, and you cannot see it. Now, the luciferase is an idea because they want to make sure that you’re vaccinated. They don’t trust medical records. They don’t trust you saying that you got vaccinated. They want to make sure. And they want to make sure it was successful—a successful transfection, a successful gene modification. So when you get the luciferase enzyme, if you have an iPhone or a special app on the iPhone, you can scan over that area, and it will give a digital code, a digital imprint, a digital pattern, something that will identify that you were vaccinated. It holds your vaccination record. It also gives you an ID: a number, a barcode, a branding, whatever you want to call it, a tattoo—it’s all the same thing. You now become like a product. So we have that.

“Now the third thing I mentioned was hydrogel. So hydrogel is actually an invention from DARPA, the Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency. This is kind of a Sci-Fi kind of a group from the Department of Defense, Pentagon, of the US government. They make these fantastic inventions. So one of them is hydrogel. Hydrogel, you can Goo … I’m sorry … you can YouTube, look on YouTube, look at … Profusa is one of the companies, DARPA, as well as hydrogel, and you’ll find some little two-minute clips that they describe. So hydrogel’s nanotechnology, microscopic little robots, and these little robots … actually … (I know it sounds crazy; it’s still crazy to me, but it’s possible, OK?) … they can disassemble, reassemble, assemble … into … and make different things. So with this hydrogel, it has … it’s really nanotechnology. So that’s something, you know, robotic or something that’s artificial intelligence—it has the ability to connect with artificial intelligence. So this means that a human can now connect to … directly … and gather information from our bodies and gather it and connect with your smartphone, with the cloud, with some other smart device.”

She then concluded:

“We need to come together, and we need to unify our voices, because people in positions of power taking care of our health are not in our best interest. But together we have power. Together united, our voice is strong. So I encourage you to do critical thinking. Do your own research. Join groups in your state. Go to your state legislature, and you tell them no, no to these experiments on humans, no to invasion of privacy, no to censorship. We are sovereign human souls, and we need to take our rights back.”

If you want to check the full Human 2.0 video by Dr. Carrie Madej entitled, go to this link:

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