2nd Maskless Shopping & Party Tour in Berlin

Here’s a video of the 2nd Maskless Shopping & Party Tour in Berlin last October, 24, 2020.

In a video by FreedomParade:

“Since October 24th, 2020, the citizens of Berlin are required (not obliged) to wear a mouth and nose covering in the fresh air on some shopping streets. So we started our maskless shopping tour at Kurfürsten Damm, but the police force was so large that we first took a maskless S-Bahn ride to the outskirts. In the evenings we went through the streets, haunted by the police and the press. Finally, we rounded off this wonderful day with a visit to Ms. Merkel’s private apartment.”

Video: https://www.featured.tv/watch/U8bKX4hMp52ieI7 | https://www.bitchute.com/video/bxYm7wtSadmJ/ video by FreedomParade

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