2nd Maskless Shopping & Party Tour in Berlin

Here’s a video of the 2nd Maskless Shopping & Party Tour in Berlin last October, 24, 2020.

In a video by FreedomParade:

“Since October 24th, 2020, the citizens of Berlin are required (not obliged) to wear a mouth and nose covering in the fresh air on some shopping streets. So we started our maskless shopping tour at Kurf├╝rsten Damm, but the police force was so large that we first took a maskless S-Bahn ride to the outskirts. In the evenings we went through the streets, haunted by the police and the press. Finally, we rounded off this wonderful day with a visit to Ms. Merkel’s private apartment.”

Video: https://www.featured.tv/watch/U8bKX4hMp52ieI7 | https://www.bitchute.com/video/bxYm7wtSadmJ/ video by FreedomParade

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