Mashable just created the best possible Ed Sheeran response to his GOT cameo bashers

Following his Twitter exit, Mashable just made a hilarious response on behalf of Ed Sheeran.

After Game of Thrones Season 7 first episode aired on Sunday, netizens around the world couldn’t seem to accept Ed Sheeran’s cameo on the famous TV series.

“All I wanted to do was provide you ungrateful f*cks with a little entertainment and THIS is the thanks I get?”

Top Three Characters I’ve wanted to see murdered on Game of Thrones
3. Joffrey
2. Ramsey
1. Ed Sheeran— Ol’ QWERTY Bastard (@TheDiLLon1) July 17, 2017

Somone even made this meme of the scene where Arya stopped and saw Ed camping with the other Lannister knights.

“I thought I did pretty good in the scene. The director liked my delivery. So what the fuck? Was it my performance you didn’t like? Was it because I didn’t wear a big silly wig? You knew it was me, who cares? It’s just a wig.”

“Also, you think I didn’t tell the director I wanted a wig? You think I’m stupid? I didn’t write the goddamned thing. I said to the guy, “You sure you don’t want me in a big wig or something? I mean, this is just my normal hair, this is how I wear it all the time.” And he said, “don’t worry about it, no one will care.” And I believed him!”

Here’s the whole letter from Mashable Humor: I’m Ed Sheeran and you can all go to hell

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