Mashable just created the best possible Ed Sheeran response to his GOT cameo bashers


Following his Twitter exit, Mashable just made a hilarious response on behalf of Ed Sheeran.

After Game of Thrones Season 7 first episode aired on Sunday, netizens around the world couldn’t seem to accept Ed Sheeran’s cameo on the famous TV series.

Somone even made this meme of the scene where Arya stopped and saw Ed camping with the other Lannister knights.

"I thought I did pretty good in the scene. The director liked my delivery. So what the fuck? Was it my performance you didn’t like? Was it because I didn't wear a big silly wig? You knew it was me, who cares? It's just a wig."

"Also, you think I didn't tell the director I wanted a wig? You think I'm stupid? I didn't write the goddamned thing. I said to the guy, "You sure you don't want me in a big wig or something? I mean, this is just my normal hair, this is how I wear it all the time." And he said, "don't worry about it, no one will care." And I believed him!"

Here's the whole letter from Mashable Humor:

I'm Ed Sheeran and you can all go to hell

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