Incentives of Home-Grown Food #OrganicFood

The demand for organic produce is attributed from the ongoing concerns of the effects of the chemical used for food. Brought about by urban lifestyle, people consume instant food which off-sets the importance of nutrients. Today, farm should not be staying in the rural areas anymore but to come to the city. Despite the modernization, there are still things which opt to stay, and it is to go back to green basic, gardening.

Here are the underrated “ORGANIC” reasons why setting-up your own garden at home is beneficial.

1. Optimizes time and resources

Having your own garden will help you save time in going to the market to buy what you need to eat. It is also a source of family time, where you can bond through gardening.  Home-grown food will also cut-off economical cost in buying fresh produce.

2. Relaxes your mind

Studies show that gardening reduces stress, and a good exercise while enjoying the vitamin D from the sun will generate happy hormones.

3. Go Green

Cultivating will not only address health concerns but also environmental issues. Waste management can be controlled while gardening through using plastic containers for pots and biodegradable waste for compost that will lead to healthier plant growth.

4. Acquires healthy food

With farm to table movement, you will not worry about the cross-contamination. According to the scientist, vegetables from own gardens are 50% healthier than vegetables that are being traveled.

5. Nurturing knowledge

Basically, planting will fill you up information that will help you grow healthy crops.  Art Veneracion together with his wife influenced people in Bulacan to have their own backyard garden. He was inspired by the idea that children of today’s generation are not familiar with the various plant. For him, backyard gardening is not just for sustainability but to educate Filipino families especially in urban areas. Planting can also equip children’s self-reliance and will appreciate the importance of vegetables. This will address the concern of children’s early cases of obesity. While you are working under the sun, you will be able to know the healthy nutrients and the benefits of the home-grown food that you have.

6. Improves livelihood

Setting-up your own garden will exceed the fresh produce that your family needs.  In areas in Sasa, Davao City, there are households which make their urban farm as another source of income through selling or use the crops as an ingredient for food eateries. Also, there are also opporunities that usage of organic fertilizer will free of organic certification, license and registration imposed by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA). This a filed bill of Senator Nancy Binay.

7. Connects within the community

People can be easily be influenced into the community where they belong.  What you are passionate about will radiate in your action that will touch other people. An exchange of vegetables from your own garden enables communication within the community that can lead to a peaceful environment.

Similar to the Huni Farm in Davao, an educational destination, which demonstrates how organically grown produce is beneficial to families when they grow their own food.

The ‘ORGANIC’ reasons are not just the only advantages you can get from having your own garden. There are a lot of reasons which await when you start tilling. You will never know unless you will try.


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