First Timer’s Guide To Melbourne, Australia

As the capital of Victoria and the second-biggest city in all of Oceania, Melbourne is a draw to tourists from all over the world. While it lacks some of the internationally recognized landmarks of Sydney – Australia’s largest city – it has developed a reputation as a fun-filled and laid-back place to visit, and a perfect vantage point for exploring southern Australia.

It’s a city that offers all kinds of fun things to do and places to explore, and if you have the option you’ll want to spend as much time as you can there, in order to hit as many of the highlights as possible.

Things to do in Melbourne

Go To The Zoo

Some zoos are more worthwhile than others, but wildlife is such a key part of Australia’s allure that it’s a shame to miss a major one like this. You’ll see some of the local animals that are so well-known for their connection to Australia, but there are also over 250 species from around the world, making this a great zoo to visit in general.

Explore Port Campbell National Park

This is actually located a couple hours’ drive southwest of Melbourne, but it’s still fair to count it as one of the city’s top attractions simply because it’s one of the prettier places in all of Australia, and it’s close enough. Known for its stunning seaside cliffs and for the famous rock formations known as the Twelve Apostles, it’s a massive coastal park that lends itself to endless exploration and unrivaled sightseeing.

Enjoy The Sports Scene

The sports scene is extremely active in Melbourne, thanks to the fact that there are numerous local sports, a few major international events, enthusiastic local fans, and various sorts of wagering formats that help those fans get a stake in the action if they so choose. There are cricket and Aussie rules football matches, basketball and soccer games, horse races and tennis tournaments and more, and whether you want to attend live, place a bet and watch from a bar, or enjoy it all any other way, it can all make your time in Melbourne more fun.

Try A Wine Bar

You may have heard of the Yarra Valley as one of the premier wine regions in Oceania, if not the entire world. And it happens to be quite close to Melbourne! Touring the region and sampling wine directly from vineyards is certainly a great tourism option as a result. However, there are also terrific wine bars around town that can allow you to sample some local bottles right there in the city. We should also mention that Melbourne is somewhat famous for its rooftop bars, but a nice, classy wine bar better captures the actual local beverages.

Walk Around

You shouldn’t neglect the value of simply walking around the city. Of course there are certain places where this is easier than others, but all things considered it’s a pretty, friendly city, and as is true in many great cities around the world, you can get the best idea of the place just by exploring on your own.

Sail To Tasmania

Finally there’s the option of sailing south, straight out of Melbourne to the fascinating, wild island of Tasmania. To be clear, this isn’t a simple day trip. The trip to the island takes the better part of a day, which means you’ll have to arrange accommodations once you’re there. Still, a stay in Melbourne is about your best chance to visit Tasmania, which ultimately is home to some of the most stunning sights in the entire region.

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