What Things Will Make You Happier than Money?

Most people strive to obtain work-life balance. Working hard to earn more has been common. But have you asked yourself what things will make you happier than money?

We do extra work after our full-time jobs to sustain our living. We thought when we have all things that we need and want, we are happy and fulfilled. But a study found out that three things that will make you happier than money.

  1. Exercising

The majority neglected their health especially when they need to finish something. Little do we know that our body is the greatest asset that we have. Globally known CEOs incorporate workouts in their daily routine because they believe that health is truly wealth.

The research found out that working out regularly will make you feel good similar to receiving a $25, 0000 annually.

2. Taking a shorter commute

In Western countries, sub-urban areas are cheaper relative to places near work areas. But a study showed that longer commute will decrease one’s happiness.

Another study conducted by Canada’s University of Waterloo also said that people with longer a commute have lower satisfaction level in life.

“People who spend the most time on the road experience higher levels of stress because they constantly feel hurried. Many of them spend much of their time on the road worrying about all the activities they’re missing,” Amo Morin stated in the article of Forbes.

3. Building relationships

Engaging with other people is one of the things that will make you happier than money. At the end of the day, achievements do not matter relative to relationships.

People will remember people due to their significance in impacting each other’s lives. The happiness that radiated from the people you treasure is more than the tons of money you can attain in your life.

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