5 Reasons Why Finland has the Best Education System

In an ever-changing world, children from generation to generation have had different ways of learning but one thing seems to remain – poor education systems. People believe that the only way to a person’s success is through education. But what if the system isn’t working anymore?

Finland, which shocked the world with their unique education system, has awakened other countries on what an effective school system should be. Being the top in global education systems, Finland believes that kids need more time playing and discovering other things than staying in school eight hours a day.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons that make Finland’s educational system unparalleled:

1. Teachers are highly paid and well-respected.

Unlike other countries especially the U.S., teachers in Finland are not underpaid and teaching is one of the most respected professions. Teachers are valued a lot for childhood is considered a foundation for lifelong development and success.

2. Homework isn’t a big deal.

We thought homework helps our kids learn while they are at home. Well, Finland believes children need more time with their family instead of giving them extra work after school. Their lack of homework makes them more engaged and attentive when in school. The schools give their students more time to be kids and enjoy life while they’re young.

3. More playtimes, less stress.

While other schools in the world require a straight 45-minute to a 1-hour class discussion, Finnish schools require 15 minutes of play for every 45 minutes of instruction. Kids have the freedom to enjoy at the school playground where the equipment were chosen and suggested by the students themselves. Their school time is only 20 hours per week compared to the standard time students from other countries spend. They have the shortest school days and school years in the entire Western world.

4. There’s no reason to compete.

Schools are expected to cooperate than to compete. In Finland, there is no private school. Learning institutions are funded by public money. Standardized testing isn’t even a thing. Teachers are trained to issue their own tests and are trusted to do well without the motivation of competition. 

5. Arts and Music are as important as Math and Science.

As opposed to the traditional school curriculums, Finnish schools treat Music and Arts with equal importance as the major academic subjects. Teachers believe that these help students develop their brain capacity more than just learning Math or Science. It also helps discover their hidden talents. They say school is about finding happiness and supporting the children’s passion. 

These factors may not seem to have a sense or are against the Orthodox educational system. These unconventional approaches to learning have raised some eyebrows as they are very different from what we usually have in a normal school setup. But for Finland, they find it to be very effective in helping the kids learn better by cutting the school days into half, giving them less homework, and allowing them to enjoy life and experience more while they are still young.

It may sound unsatisfying to some, but the Finnish school system may have found the best way to make their students happily educated.

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