Practicing Mindfulness Meditation to Improve Well-being

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is beyond inhaling and exhaling. It provides health and wellness benefits that most of us need.

Meditation refers to a mental conditioning technique that Buddhism influenced people. It’s based on the idea of deliberately tuning into the present moment, experiencing your emotions, feelings, physical experiences, and external environment through a lens of kindness. It encourages you to acknowledge thoughts and feelings that arise while doing this mind conditioning.

Benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation

Moreover, meditation can reduce stress levels since it helps to lessen the production of cortisol, a hormone that responds to stress. When you are not stressed, you also boost your immune system which is really important nowadays.

As cited in the article of Greatist, a study examined the advantages of attention to law students waiting for their bar results. The participants who demonstrated a high degree of intolerance for uncertainty were reported to have benefited the most from mindful meditation compared to other forms of controlled meditative practices.

Somehow, this scenario is similar to the unprecedented situation brought by COVID-19. That’s why mindful meditation is currently trending right now. It helps individuals to stay calm amidst uncertainty.

Another benefit of mindful meditation can lessen overeating. Meditation can help us to regulate our emotions. Strong feelings can outweigh our feeling of satiation and resort to stress eating.

Further, practicing meditation helps in reducing chronic pain  and other pain-related distress. This makes an individual be physically active.

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