Foods that Help the Body Produce Collagen

foods that help the body produce collagen

The nutrients that our body absorbed reflect on our appearance and youthfulness. The suppleness, structure, and stretch of our skin are attributed to the level of our collagen. As people age, collagen reduces which makes us look older. To prevent this, here are the foods that help the body produce collagen.

Eating food that helps in producing collagen enhances the building blocks our skin needs to look younger. As cited in the Healthline article, Katey Davidson, MScFN, RD stated that proline, lysine, and glycine are amino acids needed for collagen synthesis.

  1. Chicken- It provides a sufficient amount of protein to our body. Plus, as you can observe, it has connective tissue which provides a rich source of collagen.
  2. Egg white- It may not have connective tissues but it has a proline that is essential for collagen production
  3. Citrus fruits- Foods that attain vitamin C are good sources of collagen. Vitamin C is also important for the body to produce collagen naturally.
  4. Fish- Marine collagen is one of the most easily absorbed types of collagen. Carrie Gabriel, a dietitian stated that the unwanted parts to eat of the fish have the highest amount of collagen.
  5. Leafy green- Our greenies in our salads can make us look younger. Leaf green is one of the foods that help the body produce collagen. Gabriel said that consuming chlorophyll has been proven to boost the key ingredient to produce collagen in the skin.
  6. Cashews- Aside from vegetables and fruits, cashews help the body in producing collagen. It contains zinc and copper which are significant in collagen production.
  7. Tomatoes- It contains lycopene a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C which is vital for the production of collagen in the body.

These foods have essential components that aid in the production of collagen in the body. Fruits and vegetables obtain high amount of vitamins and minerals which can make skin supple. Not to mention, sugar and refined carbs can damage the collagen production of your body.

Collagen may provide a younger look but apart from that, it can make your hair, teeth, and nails healthier. Importantly, it helps in digestion and reduces joint and muscle pain.

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