Canada’s Best Employers in 2018

In a research done by Statista,  an online statistics, market research and business intelligence portal, in partnership with FORBES where they anonymously surveyed 8,000 Canadian employees working for large firms and institutions, asking them to scale from 0 to 10 in recommending their employer. They are also invited to list which organizations in their industry they feel that they mainly positive or negative.

#1 Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada marker is pictured in Ottawa on September 6, 2011. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick)

Score: 9.08

Headquarters: Ottawa, ON

Industry: Banking and Financial Servies

Employees: 1,700

#2 Manitoba Public Insurance

Score: 9.10

Headquarters: Winnipeg, MB

Industry: Insurance

Employees: 1,700

#4 SaskTel

Score: 9.11

Headquarters: Regina, SK

Industry: Telecommunications Services, Cable Supplier

Employees: 4,000

#5 Siemens

Score: 9.11

Headquarters: Oakville, ON

Industry: Engineering, Manufacturing

Employees: 4,800

#6 Concordia University

Score: 9.13

Headquarters: Montréal, QC

Industry: Education

Employees: 6,051

#7 Queen’s University

Score: 9.15

Headquarters: Kingston, ON

Industry: Education

Employees: 8,593

#8 Vitalité Health Network

Score: 9.17

Headquarters: Bathurst, NB

Industry: Healthcare & Social

Employees: 7,400

#9 SAP

Score: 9.21

Headquarters: Toronto, ON

Industry: IT, Internet, Software & Services

Employees: 3,280

#10 Hydro-Québec

Score: 9.23

Headquarters: Montréal, QC

Industry: Utilities

Employees: 19,552

#11 Kruger Products

Score: 9.30

Headquarters: Mississauga, ON

Industry: Packaged Goods

Employees: 2,166       

#12 Google

Score: 9.39

Headquarters: Toronto, ON

Industry: IT, Internet, Software & Services

Employees: 699

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