Travel guide to Arkansas, USA

Arkansas is not called the Natural State’ for anything. The southern state is blessed with a plethora of natural wonders. From the abundant wilderness, mountains, rolling hills, rivers and hot springs, Arkansas deserves a top priority in anyone’s list of favorite holiday destinations.

When you visit Arkansas for the first time, a picturesque view of lush terrains welcomes you. Every corner of the state has amazing parts that will mesmerize nature lovers and keep them coming for more. The Northern and western regions are cradled by the Ouachita and Ozark mountain ranges while the east is graced by a delta farmland as captivating as its musical heritage.

Things to do in Arkansas

Experience the past

Arkansas has a rich cultural heritage that has proved very hard to do away with. The Arkansas Heritage Trails will give you a nostalgic ride into the history. The four historic trails which include, Butterfield trail, Trail of tears, Civil war trail and the Southwest trail were designed to keep the Arkansas heritage alive through generations.

While on these trails, you will come across such historic sites as the Pea Ridge National Military Park and the area where one of most lethal civil war battles in western Mississippi took place. When you join any of the trails in Little Rock, you will be able to sojourn the Clinton Presidential Center where the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum is located.

You will also come across the Old State House Museum and the Little Rocks Central High School, which played a crucial role in ensuring integration of public schools.

Visit a park

Arkansas is blessed with 69 parks, 52 of which are state and seven national. This presents a magnificent natural diversity that is bound to treat you to a memorable adventure. The Hot Springs National Park, for instance, has terrific thermal water baths and indoor pools that have become a favorite of many.

Alternatively, you can visit the DeGray Lake Resort Park for a game of golf or fishing. The Mountain Magazine State Park does not only have the tallest mountain in Arkansas, but is also among the few remaining virgin forests. If you fancy luxury and treasures, you can visit the Crater of Diamonds State Park, which happens to be the only diamond site that is open to the public in the world.

Discover art and culture

Art and culture lovers will find Arkansas home like no other state. The community loves and appreciates their culture with admirable loyalty. There are a good number of world-class museums housing some of America’s most impressive masterworks.

One of the most famous museums is the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art where legendary artwork depicting the diverse culture of Arkansas can be found. The museum sits on a 120-acre land and was made by America’s most renowned architects. It is designed to reflect the naturalness on which the State of Arkansas is founded.

You will also get the opportunity of watching blacksmiths and craft artisans as they bring to live incredible artifacts to join the diverse collection in the museum. You can alternatively visit the Museum of Natural Resources in South Arkansas where pioneers of oil and brine industry are honored.

Visit the Walton Art Center where you will be able to see and listen to some of the respected artists from all over the world as they present their work in the premier performing arts Center. The Walton Art Center, not far from the University of Arkansas in Dickson Street, has placed itself at the epicenter for arts in Arkansas.

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