Why You Should Not Travel

Almost a decade ago, my younger self wrote a blog entry about the reasons people should travel for an online competition. At that time, the word “blogger” was very unfamiliar to many and I feel like before, it was more associated of being nerdy since bloggers are writing some random topics on the internet. In Philippines, when you like to write or read books, you are considered nerd (or somewhat a little weird). In a simple way to say, blogger was then not as cool as how it is now.

Reviving this blog by rereading and posting my old articles again has brought me a great turmoil of mixed emotions. It is both embarrassing, amusing and humbling. My post of “Why travel?” 8 years ago was written by my young self  who has not yet experienced the reality and rawness of life – her bubble of the ideal world has not yet been popped. She have just passed the national licensure exam at that time, had her first airplane ride and her first holiday away from her family. The main answer of why she thought that people should travel is because it is a way of getting to know and improving one’s self. Life was much simpler during that time and sometimes I wish my young self and I have the same answer.

When you wake up at 4:00am and brave the 3-degree freezing cold winter fog, when you have four long straight evening shifts and only have 3 hours of sleep in the morning, when you didn’t get the chance to eat your dinner not even just to urinate in the entire 8 hour shift, when you are still giving your best smile even if you are both crying and screaming inside – because you believe that is how professionals should do and you are deeply passionate to your profession, when you feel like you are constantly pushing yourself – but then too burnt out already. Go away, go on a holiday, go to a different environment without those stressors – go, Travel!

People travel for leisure. An escape from their constant reality. To some, they are just genuinely curious. I once met a Cuban girl who said that Cuba is too small and the world is too big – that’s why she traveled. There are still some people who diligently do not put value on material things, instead they would invest in experience. Aren’t you intrigue about the elegant Sari worn by the Nepalese women and how their dress speaks about their culture? Is there any terrible Irish? Because I have met a couple of them overseas, and they were all nice. How beautiful really is Armenia? because a lot of Armenians would tell me that I would fall in love to their country if I would visit but I can’t understand much the details of their stories because they speak to me in their local language not bothered whether I completely understand what they are talking about or not. And I do apologize that I am not that multilingual. I am somewhat only limited to English as my third language.

There are some people who have a secret obsession of flying. Let’s blame it to the ID of the human unconscious minds that eagerly wants to be fed over and over by that same feeling of childhood memory. The nostalgia when one was riding at the back of a motor bicycle, spreading the arms wide open and feeling the cold wind gushing through against the skin pores. It is addictive to chase the mixture of pink, blue and purple coloured sunrise and the orange golden dusk – while you are above the sky. It is very different and beautifully overwhelming when you are literally in parallel to the wonders that  nature creates. High and above, while surging to the desired altitude, it is always a humbling experience of seeing the buildings and islands getting smaller. When you are about to get drowned from self-pride and delusion of grandeur, always remember that we are tinier than a dot compared to this world that we live in.

Amongst all, people travel because they can. When you go on holiday, you would spend your disposable money but that does not mean you have to be a millionaire to do that. It is much affordable today. Airline companies do give heaps of promotional fare. Lucky you, you can fly from manila to Sydney for $300. And If I could tell something to my younger self, thank you for working hard, as I am now able to buy my plane tickets.

Personally, I want to travel to see my parents as often as I can. At young age, I have learned from my family an important lesson in a very hard way. Walk around in an unfamiliar city while their knees can still catch up. Together, see the world while they still don’t need to use eyeglasses. Spend time with them because although we are all getting older and so as our parents.

So, why do people need to travel?

The truth is, there is no need to travel. Some people just want and can. That is why travel happens. So please do yourself a favor, do not feel pressured nor feel sorry for your self that you are not like one of those on your Facebook friend list that goes to different places every weekend. If you can’t financially afford it or you don’t have the time, that’s fine. It doesn’t make you less human.

By the way, I ranked Second runner-up from the competition I have joined and supposed to get a 2gb Flask Drive. Until now, I am still waiting for it to get delivered.

What do you think?



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