What will Happen to Travel Plans After COVID-19 Pandemic

People have different outlook with their respective travel plans after Covid-19. Based on the report obtained by the Guardian, despite some countries gradually ease their lockdowns, “international travel is likely to last far longer”.

“Although the country is desperate to protect its economy, long-haul flights to its islands and beaches are almost certainly out this year,” Harry Theoharis, Greece’s tourism minister, told the Guardian.

Respectively, most countries are hesitant to reopen due to the risk of having a second wave of infections.

“The leaders of Austria, Greece, Israel, Norway, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand agreed that as each begins to ease restrictions they could capitalise on low infection rates by creating tourism safe zones,” the Guardian reported.

“Israel, Greece and Cyprus – tourist-dependent nations – are already discussing the idea in the eastern Mediterranean, and hoping to partially open up from July,” it added.

Authorities are prepared to shut down again once virus re-emerges during the gradual reopening of the countries.

“These partial or total closures, while they may protect public health, come with a huge economic cost to countries dependent on tourism or other types of travel, like international students flying in for a university education. That burden might help attempts to reaccelerate opening of borders,” report mentioned.

Various migration and travel plans after COVID-19 are uncertain. Plans were disrupted much longer.

“For a place like Hawaii or Iceland, or maybe New Zealand, you are talking about pretty dramatically restructuring your economy not to be dependent on inter-state or international tourism [and travel],” said Prof Lindsay Wiley from the American University Washington College of Law.

“You can protect yourselves by isolating the entire jurisdiction, but then you have to think through how you restructure your whole economy if you aren’t going to allow travel.” she added.

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