“Joseon Exorcist” Casts, Director, Writer Apologizes to the Public

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SBS permanently pulls the plug on “Joseon Exorcist,” casts, director, writer, and more apologizes to the public.

Jang Doon Yoon was among the cast members to release his personal apology for participating in the drama.

Co-stars Lee Yoo Bi and Park Sung Hoon conveyed their sincerest regrets through their IG accounts.

Lee Yoo Bi’s statement follows:

Hello, this is Lee Yoo Bi.

I want to apologize for this incident that has made many people feel uncomfortable.

I hope you understand that I am writing this now because I wanted to make a post after the situation was settled. This drama was a project I met at a time when I had a lot of personal concerns.

I came across it when I was thinking about what roles to play in the future, wondering what I can do, and hoping to try new things and achieve them one by one.

I think I was greedy to portray a character that I haven’t tried out before.

I regret that I was ignorant of the distortion of history and did not think deeply.

From now on, I will try to become an actress who works with a wide perspective.

Once again, I’m sorry.

Park Sung Hoon’s handwritten apology as follows:

Hello, this is actor Park Sung Hoon.

First of all, I feel a great sense of responsibility as an actor in “Joseon Exorcist” after reading all the posts by many people who scolded the drama and worried about it.

Despite the weight of portraying a real figure and a careful mindset of this matter, I was unable to properly judge the boundaries between creation and distortion. I was foolish to think that as an actor, all I had to do was act my part and do my best for the given character.

I am ashamed that I realized my stupidity only after it came to this situation. Therefore, I will accept all the criticism given to me. I belatedly realize the seriousness of the issue and how important historical awareness and social responsibility are for actors.

I’m sorry to have caused concern to many people. Through this opportunity, I will become an actor who acts responsibly in a cautious manner.

Once again, I sincerely apologize. I’m sorry.

Director and Screenwriter Conveys Their Apologies

Director Shin Kyung Soo wrote:

This is Shin Kyung Soo, the director of “Joseon Exorcist.”

As the director in charge of all the final decisions, I feel deeply responsible for the recent controversies and would like to apologize to viewers.

I would also like to apologize for this statement being late because of the various situations that had to be resolved when the drama was canceled.

As the drama was set in the Joseon period and had characters that are real historical figures, I should have been more cautious about the details, the stories, and the expression of the characters’ stories.

I feel responsible for this and am in deep self-reflection. As the director, I am responsible for all the final decisions and choices related to the drama’s content. The cast and crew only followed my lead.

But I would like to state that I did not direct with any special bias or prejudiced historical perspective, as some viewers have criticized. All of the problematic scenes were because I was lacking as a director. For this, I apologize.

As the drama has now been canceled, I am infinitely sorry to the cast and crew, who have worked hard for the past year, and to the viewers.

Thank you to those who sent in their valuable feedback about the drama. I will not forget your recommendations and advice.

Screenwriter Park Gye Ok wrote:

This is the writer of “Joseon Exorcist,” Park. Gye Ok.

I sincerely apologize for causing discomfort to viewers over the past few days because of a script I wrote without careful consideration.

As I was preparing for the drama, as the head screenwriter, I wanted to keep my past mistakes in mind and show my improvement through a good script. Instead, my complacency and lack of mature judgment resulted in the anger and exhaustion of viewers.

Once again, I apologize.

I should have shown more respect to those heroes who established the Joseon dynasty and left a huge impact on our history.

Instead, I leaned on the fact that the drama was in the fantasy genre and deeply regret the complacent judgments I made as a result.

Many viewers have criticized and speculated about intentional historical distortion, but I have never intended such a thing. However, the results were that I left deep scars on others, so I will take this to heart and not forget this feeling.

I bow my head and apologize to the actors, production staff, and director who poured their heart and soul into making a good drama, as well as to the production company and the broadcasting station.

Once again, I apologize to all the viewers with all my heart.

Other members who expressed their regrets and apologized were Kim Dong Jun, Kam Woo Sung, Jung Hye Sung, Geum Sae Rok, and Seo Young Hee.

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