“Joseon Exorcist” Cancelled After Two Episodes

SBS announced their final decision to cancel “Joseon Exorcist” after only two episodes.

The reason behind the conclusion is due to the massive criticisms and allegedly historical distortions.

Yesterday, March 26th of 2021, the SBS network issued the official statement regarding the new drama within the week:

“We are informing you of SBS’s position on “Joseon Exorcist.”
As SBS deeply recognizes the severity of the current situation [regarding the drama], we have decided to terminate our broadcasting rights contract for “Joseon Exorcist” and cancel all broadcasts of the drama.

At the moment, SBS has already paid most of the fees for the broadcasting rights to the drama in question, and the production company has already completed 80 percent of filming.

Although we are concerned about the financial losses incurred by both the broadcast network and the production company, as well as the gap in our programming, SBS feels a heavy responsibility as a public broadcast network, and we are informing you that we have decided to cancel the program.”

Before the network’s unfortunate action, netizens and viewers threw judgment at the series after its premiere. Many reprimanded the use of food, props that are clearly of Chinese origin. As these prompting viewers to express their disappointment of how the Korean drama was intending to share history but was distorted.

From hearing the feed backs, SBS immediately delivered their apology along with explanations behind the drama. Nonetheless, the spectators continues to express their disdain while the show was ongoing. And soon after, many of the drama’s sponsors backed out one by one.

Thus, pushing the network to come up with the concluding verdict.

All contracts are now in the process of termination; this includes overseas copyrights connected to Joseon Exorcist. As a matter of fact, the network is pulling out all promotions associating to the drama.

Did you get the chance to watch the series? Do you think the reactions were valid and the network’s response?

What do you think?



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