BTS Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Massive Fan Gathering in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea, witnessed a momentous event on Saturday, June 17, as an estimated 300,000 fans from around the world flocked to the heart of the city to commemorate the 10th anniversary of K-Pop phenomenon, BTS. Despite being on a temporary break due to mandatory military service, the band’s absence did not dampen the enthusiasm of their devoted fanbase, known as “ARMY.”

Han River Park in Seoul played host to the “BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA,” where thousands of fans congregated under clear skies and basked in the warm sunlight. The park was adorned with various exhibits, including a BTS history wall, stage costumes, and commemorative sculptures, all predominantly featuring the band’s signature purple color. Against the backdrop of BTS songs filling the air, fans reveled in the celebration, dancing under the shade of trees and bonding over their shared adoration for the band members.

Audrey Lintner, a 28-year-old master’s degree student from Sri Lanka attending the event, expressed her excitement, stating, “Through this event, I think we can experience how we build up our connection with BTS and ARMY.” The event aimed to deepen the bond between the band and its fanbase, offering an immersive experience and fostering a sense of camaraderie among attendees.

Later in the day, BTS leader RM took the stage to address the massive gathering of fans. His words resonated with the crowd, reinforcing their loyalty and dedication to the band. As the sun dipped below the horizon, vibrant fireworks illuminated the night sky over the Han River, marking the grand finale of the celebration. Local media estimates suggest that approximately 300,000 people witnessed the breathtaking display.

Kim Hye-won, a 30-year-old fan who has supported BTS since 2018, conveyed her gratitude to the band, saying, “Thank you so much for giving us great music and performances for the past 10 years.” She further expressed her unwavering commitment to the group, exclaiming, “I’ll continue to be an ARMY for 10, 20, 30 years, so I hope you, as artists and singers, extend a lot of positive influence for a long, long time.”

The BTS 10th Anniversary celebration served as a testament to the band’s global influence and enduring popularity. Despite the absence of two members due to military service, the event showcased the unwavering support and passion of the ARMY. Fans from diverse backgrounds and corners of the world united to pay tribute to the group that has touched their lives with its music and performances.

This momentous occasion not only celebrated BTS’ achievements over the past decade but also looked ahead to an exciting future for the band and their fans. The enduring bond between BTS and the ARMY continues to inspire and uplift, promising a lasting impact on the music industry and beyond. As the stars of BTS continue their individual journeys before reuniting as a group, the collective spirit of celebration and support will undoubtedly propel them to new heights in the years to come.

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