BTS Drops New Song ‘Take Two’ to Commemorate 10th Anniversary, Delighting Fans Worldwide

BTS, the popular K-pop group, delighted their fans on June 9th with the release of a new song titled “Take Two” to commemorate their 10th anniversary. This highly anticipated release marks their first new song in approximately a year since their ninth anniversary album, “Proof,” which debuted in June 2022.

In a statement released by Big Hit Music, BTS’ agency, the song is described as the beginning of a new chapter for the band. “Take Two” represents BTS’ second chapter and symbolizes their appreciation for their fans and their commitment to continue their journey together.

Consisting of members RM, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, BTS celebrates their 10th anniversary this year. On July 13, 2013, the group made their official debut with the song “No More Dream.”

“Take Two” serves as a special gift from BTS to their dedicated fanbase, who have supported them throughout their decade-long career. The band’s three rappers, Suga, RM, and J-Hope, played significant roles in the creation of the song, with Suga leading the production and RM and J-Hope contributing to the composition.

Teasing the release of “Take Two,” BTS shared seven pictures on their official social media accounts, each representing a member of the group. These images were taken at various memorable locations around the world, including the Dia Beacon Museum for RM, a beach in Los Angeles for Jin, a concert hall for Suga, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York for J-Hope, a music video set for Jimin, a yacht in Mexico for V, and a sunset in Qatar for Jungkook. The agency also revealed that the words “Light,” “Begin,” “Soul,” “Together,” “Face,” “Young,” and “Stay” from the lyrics of “Take Two” were written below each respective picture.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, BTS fans from around the globe have been converging in Seoul. In honor of this milestone, BTS organized a citywide festival called “BTS Presents Everywhere.” This special edition of the annual “BTS Festa” was created in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Currently, BTS is on an official break as a group. Last June, in commemoration of their ninth anniversary, the members announced a hiatus from group activities to focus on their individual careers and fulfill their mandatory military service. Currently, Jin and J-Hope are serving in the army.

As “Take Two” makes its way to the top of the charts, BTS continues to captivate their fans with their music, artistry, and unwavering bond. The release of this new song not only celebrates their incredible journey but also reaffirms their dedication to creating meaningful music for their fans worldwide.

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