BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, The New KPOP Royalty Couple?

It came like a “Bang, bang, bang!” to all of their fans when Dispatch revealed that BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are now the latest KPOP royalty couple. And they have been dating already for a year!

In fact, these two instantly became trending topics on Twitter and other SNS platforms!

Dispatch is quite known for its exclusive scoops on celebrities and claimed to have had seen G-Dragon and Jennie meet each other discreetly. Where and how?

Well, as high-profile celebrities, they had dates at the comfort of their respective homes.

They enjoy their private time by hanging out a G-Dragon’s Hannam-dong penthouse. Because of its strict and verification procedure, it’s an ideal place to avoid unwanted attention. What’s more, the penthouse has its private entrance that Dispatch affirms, seeing Jennie used it.

What does YG entertainment, both of the KPOP stars’ agency have to say about it?

“It is difficult for the company to confirm as it is the artists’ personal life. We ask for your understanding.” -YG entertainment.

Do you think they’ll confirm their real relationship anytime soon?

What do you think?



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