BLINKS excited about the global release of “BLACKPINK: The Movie” in August

BLACKPINK: The Movie is about how the Korean super girl group BLACKPINK commemorates their fifth-year anniversary in the KPOP music industry. 

Soompi gave us the latest and juiciest report and confirmed that YG Entertainment officially announced that “BLACKPINK: The Movie” to 100 countries over the world in August 2021. Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo debuted as a group in August 2016.

What can fans count on from the upcoming film?

Fans will see the various series of events from “The Room of Memory.” Here, fans and moviegoers shall catch glimpses and memories that the girls shared for the past years. 

“Beauty” depicts the powerful images of the four members mirroring their appreciable personalities.

Unreleased Special Interview” is something the fans can truly anticipate. 

Are there other surprises to see in “BLACKPINK: The Movie“?

Yes! The movie includes the special feature of five songs which BLACKPINK performed at “In Your Area 2018” and “The Show” concerts. The concept is to offer the audience the lucid experience as if they are inside a genuine concert hall.

The CGV Cinemas intends to exhibit the film in different formats. 4DX lets the moviegoers experience the purgation of concert places. ScreenX, the tri-screen theater, and the 4DX Screen combine both setups, providing a significant advantage.

The movie is part of the BLACKPINK’s “4+1 PROJECT.”” A gift for their passionate BLINKs and would be the perfect venue for everyone who loves the girl group’s performance.

Will you watch it when it’s available in the cinema near you?

What do you think?



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