Fans share #Loki memes after the 2nd episode premiered on Disney+

Another Wednesday came along, and a new episode of Loki on Disney+ got released. That means, the hilarious tweets and fan speculation is back for meme time! So much was going on in Episode 2, “The Variant” made us hold on to our seats, and holding out for a hero (wink wink!) that we needed this to cap off our viewing of the show. So let’s get started:



Marvel just loved being able to have the license to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero” cleared this week as it not only appeared in Loki, but in the trailer for Square Enix’ Guardians of the Galaxy video game as well! Not complaining, tho. This song gets us in the mood!


Here’s the show again, putting its nihilistic and existentialistic themes out in its sleeves. Do go on with it, you! I do love that brain workout this show is giving its audience. Even more up ahead in this episode.




Yeah. That Loki’s across multiverses was fun to watch, and we hope we’d get to see more of them in future episodes!


Yeah. This one had me do that math equation lady meme because there’s been speculation going around that the lady in the opening sequence have been our very own Agatha from WandaVision! Take it with a grain of salt.



Mobius just want to finish his salad in piece, okay? Damn!



Is it really, tho? I know Marvel loves to do that “hero fights villain with the same skill set” since Iron Man, so we’re literally expecting Loki to fight a version of himself, and if Lady Loki turns out to be Enchantress (not related in any way to Cara Delevigne’s Enchantress from Suicide Squad), that would be cool either way!



And so it begins…

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Here is the 1st episode #LOKI memes shared by fans.

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