Jessi, with her eccentric character, lead ‘Showterview’ to success!

Jessi, a Korean-American singer, rapper, and songwriter, has an eccentric character and leads ‘Showterview with Jessi’ to success!

“Jessi’s Showterview”

Mobidic, SBS’s digital studio’s “Jessi’s Showterview,” is gaining much attention in South Korea and worldwide, as the talk shows’ breaks away from the conventional format.

Because of the unique setup, they have had guests from international Hollywood stars to the biggest names in the Korean music and entertainment industry. What’s more, since it’s available on YouTube, it becomes accessible to all fans!

“I thought that the show would only last for about three months.” 

Show host and singer Jessi confessed through an online media conference to commemorate the talk show’s first anniversary.

“I didn’t know how I should lead it at first, but the producers just let me do my own thing.

Because of the encouragement by the producers, she felt motivated and inspired to work harder. 

Being Jessi

She only expected the show to last for three to four months. But fate has different plans for her.

When was she asked what could have brought the show’s success? She answered;

“Being me at doing things.”

“There are a lot of great hosts out there. But I’m just having fun. I bet no one can do it ‘like Jessi,'”

“I don’t read scripts. I go with the flow. So I think I’m good at picking up what might make guests feel uncomfortable or what might not be fun for the viewers.”

Kim Han-jin, ‘Showterview’s’ producer, shared that aside from the divergence of the usual talk shows, people also get to know Jessi for who she truly is.

What’s unique about our show is that we get our viewers to learn about Jessi as a person through our show, which becomes interesting from their perspective,” he said. 

“She’s someone who you can never expect what she’s going to say next. Because we know that she’s going to go off-script, it’s always thrilling.”

Jessi has had many guests, but there are significant people she’d love to get in the show like BTS, Blackpink, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, and ATEEZ.

Read the complete interview here!

Have you watched any of the episodes from Showterview? If you haven’t, you’re missing so much!

Here’s an episode with her close friend Eric Nam.

Here’s one with K-POP’s it-girls super group, TWICE.

You can catch the newest episodes every Thursday at 6:30 PM on YouTube.

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