NCT Hollywood, are you ready for it?

NCT is offering more for their fans for 2021!

What’s coming in 2021?

On June 29, one of the biggest agencies in South Korea and home to many famous artists, SM Entertainment, had its SM Congress 2021.

Here, Lee Soo Man speaks with SM Entertainment’s artists and talks about the upcoming plans and projects.

Lee Soo Man and the group’s Mark, Doyoung, and Kun discussed the future projects.

“This year, we’ll continue to participate in activities that can showcase our identity. 

In addition to the promotion of NCT DREAM’s repackaged album, NCT 127 plans on promoting a full-length and repackaged album. 

WayV is working hard to prepare for activities after that.”

What about the U?

“NCT U will also greet fans with a new combination [of members] this year, so I trust NCTzen (NCT’s official fan club) will enjoy that a lot,” Doyoung shared.

Kun also revealed that the unit promotions would begin this year;

“This year, starting with unit promotions, WayV plans to continue promoting with a full-length album. So please anticipate it a lot.”

Projects for the Universe

Doyoung unveiled that the projects of the group in 2020 are similar to 2021 as well.

 “We are preparing to release content that will resolve your curiosities about the hidden its universe, so let’s meet in Kwangya soon,” Mark adds.

Hollywood, here they come!

One of the most vital projects of the group is the newest sub-unit set from Hollywood!

SM Entertainment will partner with MGM Television, the producers of “The Voice’ and “Survivor.” The plan is to hold a survival audition program in the US, and then the chosen members are going to promote as the “NCT Hollywood.”

Doyoung elaborates that Lee Soo Man will participate in the process to produce the newest members. The current members shall mentor the new ones.

“I’m nervous, but I’m looking forward to it a lot,” he confessed.

Watch the SM Congress 2021 of Lee Soo Man and the group’s talk at 20:01.

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