SM Entertainment: aespa Hollywood film debut is in the works

aespa, SM Entertainment’s newest it-girls, is rumored to debut their aespa’s Universe in a Hollywood film possibly.

aespa ‘Next Level’ press conference
SOURCE: SM Entertainment

SM Congress 2021

On June 29th, SM Entertainment had its online SM Congress 2021. It’s an event in which the agency announces the visions and projects for the rest of the year.

aespa with Lee Soo Man

As the girl group is under the management of SM Entertainment, they had the opportunity to appear and talk with SME’s founder and executive producer, Lee Soo Man.

SM’s father immediately congratulated the girls of aespa for their triumphant debut track ‘Black Mamba’ and newest comeback hit ‘Next Level.’

“I was very thankful that many people covered our addicting dance moves while we were promoting ‘Next Level.'”

The group was nominated for the top spot in music shows.

“We were even nominated for first place with ‘Next Level,’ and I couldn’t believe it,” Karina shares.

aespa with Lee Soo Man

SM Culture Universe

As the conversations progressed, they moved to talk about the group’s SM Culture Universe cinematic video with one episode, ‘Black Mamba.’

aespa and CAWMAN

“We’re creating a new universe called the SMCU (SM Culture Universe), and you (aespa) are the first ones to enter this world. We’ll depict this world through a new genre called CAWMAN that I came up with,” Lee Soo Man revealed. 

CAWMAN is the acronym for CartoonAnimationWebtoonMotion graphicsAvatar, and Novel. It’s SM’s platform to deliver the agency’s SMCU. In addition, CAWMAN converges on SM Music Performance (SMP) that defines SM Entertainment’s musical style in different elements and genres.

Lee Soo Man, later on, said that discussions are already happening for the possible Hollywood film under the CAWMAN genre.

“aespa and ae-aespa go on an adventure to Kwangya. I’m sure many people are curious if they will fight against the Black Mamba. This year, we are preparing lots of diverse content to continue to story of season 1, so anticipate it a lot,” Karina sharing the SMCU’s storyline.

Watch aespa’s latest track ‘Next Level’ here!

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