How to be productive while having fun?

Actions produce momentum. They said doing the mundane things and distasteful stuff in the long run will give you a higher probability of success. But can we become successful while we work and have fun at the same time? This article explains how to be productive while having fun.

In the book of Greg Mckeown, the Effortless, he cited that a person might be unmotivated to workout in the long run. But he can make it more interesting when he combines one habit that interest him while working out. Like working out while listening to your favorite podcast can make exercising more interesting.

Apart from incorporating things you need to do with the habits you love to do, one way to be productive while having fun is to reward yourself after accomplishing your tasks. This method is the most common thing to do when you want to prime your mind to do more.

Studies found out that 78% of workers obtain more drive to work when they are rewarded. Acknowledging your accomplishments through rewards is an effective way to boost one’s productivity. Create a reward system for your small and big progress. Not to mention, even tracking your accomplishments enhances your fulfillment that can attribute to increasing productivity.

Another way to be productive while having fun is to declutter your mind. To be productive requires you to have a clear mind aside from being healthy. To declutter your mind, you can do a daily journal before going to sleep or while having your breakfast. It is important to be physically present and aware of what’s going on so, that you can think clearly and be more productive.

Moreover. taking a break is an essential way to be more productive. Compromising your rest makes your brain foggy and may deteriorate your physical health. Keep in mind that you can’t be productive when you are burnout. If your energy is not renewed, you cant make actions that are necessary to keep your momentum.

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