Top 3 Must See Anime Series Starter Pack if You’re New to Anime

Are you new to anime? Like you, the 3 best anime series starter pack for people who recently got interested in anime! Are you curious to know which ones are the must see choices for anime beginners? 

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Anime Gaining More Attention Worldwide

Now, you might be thinking that can’t be true. In some ways, there is some truth to it. Why? Here are the facts.

Japanese animation started way back in the late 1910s. Osama Tezuka, a cartoonist, initiated the characteristic art style in the 1960s. As time went by, Japanese animation became available everywhere, but not quite.

Why again? Well, people didn’t have internet back then. So, people did get to watch these animations through TV broadcasting or VHS, CDs, or DVDs but rarely easily accessible, unlike today.

So, to cut it short, these times, you can type in the title on the browser, and you’ll get to watch these five starter pack animes that’s best for neophyte fans!

What are the 3 best Anime Series for beginners?

1. Attack on Titan

IMDb Attack on Titan

Its first season was released back in 2013 with 25 central episodes.

Prepare yourself, though; it’s not for the faint of heart or squeamish seeing titans devouring humans.

If you like action-packed, mysterious, dark-fantasy, unique character stories and concepts, then AoT is the perfect one for you!

2. Demon Slayer: : Kimestu no Yaiba

IMDb Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Popular is an understatement with this one. Since its manga release in 2016 and 1st season adaptation became available with 26 episodes, fans cannot stop raving about it!

The story revolves around early 20th century fictional Japan, where demons and humans co-exist in society.

The protagonist is Tanjiro Kamado, a Samurai-like demon slayer. See him through his journey as he avenges his family and seeks for an antidote to cure his sister.

3. Naruto

IMDb: Naruto

Of course, can we ever leave out Naruto? It’s the most famous ninja-themed Japanese animation and manga. 

The manga was published back in 1999 and, with 72 volumes, came to its completion in 2014.

The story is simple, wholesome, and yet powerful. You’d want to become a ninja and learn the unique techniques after watching it!

Would you say these are excellent choices as a starter pack? Why don’t you leave us a comment and let us know!

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