What can you expect from “The Devil Judge” drama?

“The Devil Judge” will premiere soon, and here’s what you can expect from this legal drama.

Korea in a different universe?

Do you see a future where you’ll participate and watch a full trial even when you’re at home, office, or school?

Well, you’ll see it happen in this drama as it takes you to dystopian, alternate-universe Korea, where everyone associates in the trial via live broadcast.

Who’s “The Devil Judge?”

Ji Sung takes the lead role as the “devil judge.”

Other casts in the drama are Park Gyu Young, Kim Min Jung, GOT7 Jinyoung, Kim Ga On.

How different is a dystopian Korean society?

Since the drama sets Korea in an imagined alternate universe, you’ll see an utterly distinct plot.

The people in the society feel an intense hatred and distrust against their leaders. As a result, it leads to looting, chaos, and danger.

Ji Sung as Kang Yo Han encourages change for the society. But, what changes and ideologies will these be?

Have you ever seen a live courtroom show?

Well, most people would have never assumed it to happen in their lifetime. But, you’ll catch a glimpse of this “courtroom live show.”

Because of Kang Yo Han’s methods of passing judgments and punishments, people cannot get enough on the on-air trials.

However, some become doubtful of the methods.

What’s the Social Responsibility Foundation?

It’s the organization that many public places put their trust in. Because of its affiliation and domino effects to lead charitable foundations and helping the destitute social classes, it is indeed powerful on its own.

The foundation pulls strings that put pressure on leaders.

Here, you’ll meet Jung Sun Ah; she is not only the social responsibility foundation’s executive director. She is Kang Yo Han’s adversary.

Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung

Are you excited to see how these powerful characters play in this unique mysterious legal drama story line?

Watch the trailer here!

“The Devil Judge” opening is on July 03 and available on Viki, Viu.

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