3 Dark Animes That Are Mind-Blowing

3 dark animes will take you on an entirely different world that’ll shock your wits out!

Let’s be honest; many people have grown to see Japanese as either cute, comedic, action-packed with ninjas, or super-Saiyans floating through the air and defending humankind.

But there’s more to Japanese animations.

In truth, there are dark animes that focus on the themes around the deep and dark psychological concept.

Be forewarned, though, and these are also often filled with sexual and violent content.

So, are you prepared to open a new door to your Japanese animation series journey?

The 3 Dark Animes to check out!

  • The Promised Neverland

Yakusoku no Nebārando is set in the future of 2045. 

“The Promise” is an agreement that came to commemorate the war’s end between demons and humans.

You’ll meet brilliant children here. Their “Mother” takes care of them. Until some children discovered that they had been lied to all their lives in the “orphanage.” 

Will they be able to escape alive?

  • Tokyo Ghoul

Tōkyō Gūru introduces you to another taste of dark, fantasy, and supernatural thriller anime themes.

Here, you’ll see the ghouls that co-exist with humans in the world. They look like humans, but they need to eat people’s flesh to survive.

A boy was attacked. Although he did endure, he became a hybrid ghoul.

Does it mean he also needs to devour humans to live? Or will the ghouls target him? It’s eat or be eaten.

  • Psycho-Pass

An here’s another psychological thriller with a dash of crime and cyberpunk genre mixed. 

Do you think you can live in a society with a bio-mechanical computer network, the Sibyl System, which evaluates whatever you do in your life with the use of its “cymatic scan?”

If and when your thoughts exceed the “crime coefficient index,” you’ll be pursued, seized, either captured or disintegrated. 

Well, that’s a dystopian life for you.

Would you say that these dark animes are the best on the list? Or do you have better ones in mind?

If dark anime isn’t your thing, you might like to check out our starter-pack anime for beginners!

What do you think?



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