5 Books to Improve Financial Literacy

Today’s pandemic confined people to stay at home. This leads us to lessen spending and increase our financial bliss to mitigate the effects of the recession brought by COVID-19. This article will discuss five interesting books to improve financial literacy to attain financial freedom.

Setting your financial goals and simplifying your money management helps you to achieve a meaningful life. Reading the book Keep It Simple, Make It Big by Michael Lynch will help you create strategies to invest and save for the people whom you support.
This book helps people not to be overwhelmed with trending financial investments and entrepreneurial trends. It will teach you how to simplify financial plans rather than complicate them.

Another book that will improve one’s financial bliss that is well-known for most people is the Rich Dad, Poor Dad of Robert Kiyosaki. Good grades and a high-paying job does not guarantee you to be financially equipped. In the first chapter, Robert stated that rich people do not behave like common individuals. What is more interesting, they learn every day how money can work for them.

If you are burdened by your financial debt, Down Home Money by Myra Oliver is a great book to consider. The message of the book conveys how you use your money is more important than how much of it you have. This book teaches how to get out of debt and obtain high-yielding rental portfolios that made Myra achieve financial freedom. Not to mention, when she was still young, she didn’t allow consumerism and debt to dictate her life.

One of the great books that will help you improve your financial literacy is Pass It On by Lori & Roger Gervais. Financial literacy is not taught in school. That’s why this book aims to pass down wealth to your kids and grandkids by highlighting the proper handling of money and the wisdom beyond it.

Lastly, another book that improves your financial know-how is You’re Making Other People Rich by Ryan Sterling. This book helps you to be conscious of your spending habits. Controlling the purchases that aren’t beneficial to you will help you get the most out of your money. A strategy that will help you to be disciplined in handling your spending habits is to track your expenses daily.

These five books to improve your financial literacy are one of the many literature that enhance one’s financial bliss. The ongoing pandemic is an opportunity for you to invest in learning money management, investing, entrepreneurship and savings to help you achieve financial freedom.

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