Why Hospital Playlist 2 is worth your time?

Hospital Playlist 2 has now premiered! You haven’t decided yet if it is worth your time? What can you expect from the second season?

A recap!

Who are the casts of season one’s “Hospital Playlist?” They are Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Dae Myung, Jeon Mi Do, and Jo Jung Suk. 

These five medical doctors got acquainted in medical school and became close friends.

What does the Hospital Playlist 2 have to offer fans?

Of course, the endearing warmth of friendship shared between the characters is palpable in the drama. The original stories remain intact but with a few plot twists to look forward to.

Spoilers anyone?

The series’ producers are more than happy to expose four key points you may need to watch out for as you stream the highly-anticipated drama. 

  • Changes between relationships!

The viewers highly appreciate the drama as the characters’ roles were diverse. Their personas are distinctive in and out of the hospital. The second season plays with intriguing events as the producers unveil the relationships and narratives of the cast. Expect changes!

  • The storyline is distinctive more profound.

HP2 features a more profound storyline. The warmth in every atmosphere in the drama and emotions will come pouring out. What about intimacy? Yes, it is pretty intense too! Viewers can anticipate being fully drawn to the series’ episodes through the characters’ stories. 

  • It’s the healing drama you need, especially in these times.

One of the most repeated reasons fans immensely love HP is that the characters’ lives are relatable, and the creative deliverance is sincere.

Season two promises the same note of emotions but foresee it as a more profound, expanded depth of sentimental nudges here and there. 

The drama makes you feel that the casts are like your family and dear friends. You’ll feel as if they understand you and gives you the comfort and empathy you need through these challenging days.

So, is it worth your time? It truly is! You won’t regret it!

Watch it now on Netflix! It didn’t get the record for the highest premiere ratings in tvN history for nothing!

What do you think?



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