Philippine folklore anime series ‘Trese’ premieres on Netflix

‘Trese,’ a Netflix original series, finally premieres on the streaming service. Needless to say, the long and excruciating wait is over!

‘Trese’ comes in two versions. In these versions, two wonderful and beautiful actresses take their respective roles as the voices behind the lead character, detective Alexandra Trese.

Shay Mitchell is a Canadian actress who became known through her role as Emily Fields in the Pretty Little Liars series. She has Filipino blood running through her veins, as her mother is Filipina from Pampanga province. Mitchell voiced over the English. 

Who will voice over Alexandra Trese in Filipino? Well, it’s actress Liza Soberano, of course!

From her interview with CNN Philippines, Soberano reveals that the most challenging obstacle was voice acting. 

“Voice acting is so hard! That’s why I have such huge respect for voice actors now.”

How did Liza Soberano bring life to the character of the anime series? She honestly confessed that she made sure to speak solely ‘Tagalog‘ even at home to make sure her language was on point as she dubs the Filipino version of Trese.

“I did my research on how voice acting works, warm-up my vocal cords, how to make my register lower, and I also asked for workshops from the producers,” she added.

How will Soberano describe the Netflix original series in three words?

“It’s action-packed, amazing, and pusong Pinoy.”

Soberano sees the anime series as a stepping stone for Filipino entertainment on a bigger, global scale.

Have you watch ‘Trese’ yet? Let us know what you think!

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