After 17 years, Sandara Park bids YGE Farewell

Sandara Park or “Dara” continued working with YG Entertainment but now, after 17 years, she finally bids the agency farewell.

On May 14, YG released the following official statement.

This is an announcement that YG Entertainment and Sandara Park’s exclusive contract has expired.

We express sincere gratitude to Sandara Park, who has been together with YG with special trust and affection.

YG will always cheer on the challenges that Sandara Park takes on, and we will continuously help her until she completes preparation for her new start.

Sandara Park joined YG in 2004, and after debuting with 2NE1 in 2009, she has shown impressive performance not only in music but also in various areas such as acting, fashion, beauty, and as an MC.

We ask for much interest and support from fans so her positive energy can shine even further.
We once again sincerely thank the fans who have loved Sandara Park as an artist of YG until now.

The Philippines’ “pambansang Krung-Krung,” although she does not have any Filipino blood, she was loved by many. And she has indeed come a long way after landing second place on the now-defunct Star Circle Quest Season 1.

She never forgot to share stories throughout her career under YG Entertainment and even promote the Philippines whenever she’s on different variety shows in South Korea.

She gave up her career in the Philippines and started anew as a KPOP idol trainee under YG Entertainment in South Korea. She trained under the label for two years until she debuted under the group 2NE1 with three other members, CL, Park Bom, and Minzy in 2009.

Her career as an idol KPOP artist with 2NE1 was fruitful and gave her lots of opportunities with modeling, becoming an ambassador for various brands, singing, and acting roles.

One of the most heartbreaking news was the final and official disbandment of her group 2NE1’s exclusive contract expired back in May 2016.

A new adventure awaits Sandara Park. What could it be? Her fans all over the world are waiting with much anticipation!

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