Marvel’s What If…? Series on Disney+ Coming this August

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been knocking it out of the park this year on Disney+ proving that people will watch everything Marvel related. As WandaVision and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier passed by, the other Marvel offerings previously on TBD status are starting to fall in line. With that, Marvel has announced “What If…?” for an August release.

Based on the anthology comic series of the same name, take on a bizarre adventure into the alternate timelines from the first three Phases of the MCU as we meet the characters we’ve known from the first 23 films as we’ve never seen them before! Along with newcomer Jefferey Wright as The Watcher, an alien race that observes, but never interferes, when pivotal moments in the main timeline takes a different turn creating new and sometimes outlandish scenarios, What If…? brings back a whole plethora of cast, reprising their roles, from past films.

MCU: Thor, Black Widow & More Showcased on Official Poster For Disney+'s  What If...? Show - The Direct

For now, the MCU’s promise to make 2021 and 2022 to have an MCU outing for almost every week of the year with Loki (June 9, 2021), and Black Widow (July 9, 2021).

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