3 Must-Watch Thai Dramas for Starters

These are the three best Thai dramas that are perfect for new and budding Thai series fans!

Did you know that Thai dramas are referred to as ‘lakorn?’

Lakorn is the popular fiction genre in the Thai television industry. It’s Thai’s version of prime-time shows. These shows run for three months and could air two or three times a week.

Are Thai Dramas Better?

Before you get the wrong idea, switching to Thai dramas does not necessarily mean you’re changing for something better.

In truth, there’s no accurate comparison between the diversities of fictional dramas. These are intending to create an impeccable taste that entices viewers with emotions and cultural diversities.

Since you’re a budding lakorn fan, here are the 3 best Thai dramas that are ideal for you!

1. “Leh Lub Salub Rarng” or Switch

What’ll you do if you’ll wake up and you’re not you anymore?

Well, that’s the case that the stars of “Switch” experienced. 

It’s a romantic comedy, drama, action, and some issues with body-switching that’ll make you laugh out loud!

You’ll get the chance to meet Petra, a beautiful yet ungrateful superstar, and Ramin, a narcissistic womanizer who’s a high-profile police officer.

Watch the series and see their adventures together unfold.

2. Ugly Duckling or “Rak Na Pet Ngo”

It’s a series that has four different segments. It’s an inspiration from a novel series that Jamsai Publishing published.

The four series are ‘Perfect Match,’ ‘Pity Girl,’ ‘Don’t,’ and ‘Boy’s Paradise.’

Without any doubt, you’ll enjoy the romance and comedic antics in the series.

3. Girl from Nowhere

In Thai, it’s “Dek Mai,” a series that’s packed with genre combinations of thriller, mystery, anthology, horror, fantasy, and a dash of teen drama.

You’ll meet “Nanno,” a girl surrounded by mystery. She transfers from one school and then another, exposing the truth to students and faculties who have lied and done misdeeds.

If you like the concept of punishing evildoers, better start watchingGirl from Nowhere”!

Are these great picks or what? If you have a better series in mind, can you share those recommendations? Please leave it in the comments!

What do you think?



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