Fans share #Loki memes after the 1st episode premiered on Disney+

And so we’re back at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or rather, the Multiverse, as Disney+ series, Loki, just streamed its first episode. Here’s just a bunch of hilarious reactions from people over Twitter’s hashtag #loki.

1. Twitter: @moonytoaster

They really are going for this nihilistic Rick and Morty style of a show as promised. Even the Infinity Stones were cast as insignificant:

2. Twitter: @itsjustanotherx

Another dig at all powerful beings introduced late at the party. This time around with The TVA. Yeah. Where were you guys when so and so happened from the last 12 years?

3. Twitter: @lokisdoll

4. Twitter: @theonlypandit20

5. Twitter: @httplokis

Right off the bat, it was already an emotional episode. The ones they usually save for later episodes of WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

6. Twitter: @sharmstyles

7. Twitter: @randomdilfs

8. Twitter: @616sloki

This is gonna be a long line at therapy if this becomes a pattern.

9. Twitter: @im_dk99

Just general stuff about the Multiverse Phase 4 is teasing. We’re still not getting our hopes up after WandaVision when the Fantastic 4 nor the X-men from FOX Studios didn’t show up at the finale!

10. Twitter: @ah_okay_

11. Twitter: @blaireharkness

Bless Kevin Feige and the powers that be! The MCU is back on Wednesdays!

12. Twitter: @lsprm98

What’s your favorite funny posts about #loki‘s series and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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