Why ‘Voice 4’ K Drama Different from the Previous Season

Why Voice 4 differs immensely from the previous drama seasons and why it should be on your “must-watch” list.

Voice 4 Poster

Voice 4

As you would have known, if you did watch the previous seasons, the story centers on emergency call centers with its employees fighting criminals by using limited information that they have received.

Here, you’ll meet Lee Ha Na, who’ll play the role of Kang Kwon Joo. She is the ace and famous genius voice profiler.

Song Seung Heon plays the character of Derek Jo. He is an LAPD police officer who’s connected with the “Golden Time Team.” The group’s goal is to take down the “Circus Man,” the villain.

Why it differs from former seasons? 

Director Shin Yong Hwi gave the three points that explicitly magnify Voice 4 from former shows in the “Voice” series. 

  • Warm comfort for the victims

Director Shin Yong Hwi shared in a press conference that in season 4, they focused more on restoring the trust and healing among the families broken by the tragedies.

He further added that it isn’t only about getting the bad guys. But it is giving importance to the victims and emphasizing comfort and empathy.

“What makes it different from previous seasons is that it doesn’t stop at catching criminals but offers victims warm comfort and emphasizes the restoration of family relationships.”

Intense Thrill and Tension 

The thrill and tension are amplified in Voice 4. Director Shin Yong Hwi promises that the featured villain can outdo the last three serial killers in the series. Why?

The director gave a little background about the “Circus Man,” who comes from a broken family. He uses his extraordinary hearing capabilities to commit the crimes instead of saving the people, which Kang Kwon Joo’s character does.

 “The villain in season four is powerful too. As this season has a societal foundation and focuses on broken families, the villain is also a by-product of a broken family.”

The director also shares the concept of emphasizing the visualization of Kang Kwon Joo’s hearing, giving the audience a real-life glimpse of what she is hearing and feeling in the drama as she tries to rescue people.

Find out more from the cast from their recent press conference.

“Voice 4” has already premiered last June 18. Watch the trailer here and catch up today!

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