Yeri of Red Velvet looks Fresh and Bright in ‘Blue Birthday’ Web Drama

Yeri of Red Velvet transforms into a fresh and bright high school student in her latest web drama.

Yeri in “Blue Birthday”

The web drama is entitled “Blue Birthday” focuses on a romance-fantasy-thriller story. Yeri plays the character of Oh Ha Rin. She revisits her past through some mysterious photos left behind by her first love Ji Seo Jun. PENTAGON’s Hongseok takes the role of Ji Seo Jun.

The storyline is quite tragic. Ji Seo Jun died on Oh Ha Rin’s birthday that happened ten years ago. She decided to confess her feelings to her first love on her birthday, but he took his own life, which caused much shock and horror to Oh Ha Rin.

A glimpse of Oh Ha Rin and Ji Seo Jun

On June 23rd, the web drama showed an intriguing glimpse of a grown, happy, bright, and cheerful Oh Ha Rin who turned 18.

Oh Ha Rin and Ji Seo Jun
(Red Velvet’s Yeri and PENTAGON’s Hongseok)

You can immediately see the youthful vibrance exuding from her. She looks fresh, bright-eyed, and ready to explore her world as a high school student. In addition, she has a sweet smile that’s mesmerizing.

Ji Seo Jun is her close friend since they were young. As time passed by, she had a crush on him and wanted to confess her feelings. But then, she found him lifeless.

The event caused many changes to her life ever since.

As you go through each episode in the web drama, you’ll see the characters’ portrayal and how their pure emotions progress throughout the series from when Oh Ha Rin’s 18 until she’s 28.

At 28, you’ll witness Oh Ha Rin working for an abandoned pet shelter. On the day that the devastating incident occurred, she found herself the mysterious photos that her first love ‘coincidentally’ have left behind.

What’s the mystery behind her first love’s death? Will she find closure and be able to move on completely?

“Blue Birthday” will be on air on July 23rd via Naver TV and soon available on YouTube in August.

Are you excited to watch Yeri and Hongseok together in the drama? Here’s the teaser!

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